Monday, December 13, 2010

Letting go and Letting God

Sometimes it takes a situation to help you realize that it is time for you to do some things differently. It was in my recent situation that I realized that my walk with the Lord was off, and had been off well before my recent situation took the turn it has taken. In my praying today, it was then that I realized that I trusted people blindly and could not trust God to be in charge of every area of my life. I also realized that I was not willing to be patient with God, and I was not even trying to work on His time schedule. I wanted what I wanted when I wanted. No questions ask. By being this way I found it easier for me to be in a bad mood when things did not turn out the way I expected them too. It is also becomes easier to fall in the traps set up by the enemy telling me that this is a hopeless situation, and like other times before I can expect the same result. In other words it became too easy to lose my joy, give up and allow doubt to creep in and distort what I know to be true...which is that God will always work things out for my good, because I love Him and I am called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). How can I forget that you may inquire...I am so glad that you have inquired. Simply put I allowed my problem to become bigger than God. All I could see was the right now and I could not see the victory that was also right in front of me. I allowed myself to go to bed with my problem on my mind, and wake up with the problem on my mind. Crying and just angry and hurt! All types of foolishness. Giving the enemy more power than he deserved... I did everything I could do to fix the situation, instead of sitting back and allowing God to step in and have His way with the situation. Nope. I couldn’t do that because I wanted to fix it, and I wanted things to go my way. Not realizing that what I was going through was to show me the distrust and the impatience that I possessed when it came to God. Sad to say but true... In essence this was about God wanting my attention on solely Him, and if it meant that I was going to have my heartbroken again for Him to get it then He was going to do what needed to be done. I still think He could have chosen another method to get my =)

Many of us are guilty of allowing our problems get in the way our praise, and we in turn sometimes forget how EXCELLENT God has been to us. It’s not on purpose but it’s our flesh. When we are in a storm we don’t usually see the day break on the other side. All we see is that it’s hailing, lighting, thundering, and “is that a tornado coming my way”?! Not realizing that if we go inside the “house” we will be safe. The house being that place where we go to have intimacy with the Father. Not realizing that if we put up our umbrella we can minimize the amount of rain falling on us. The umbrella being God’s arms and hands covering us. Not realizing that this too shall pass. There is always sunshine after a storm! It’s in a storm that God shapes and molds us for the next level that He is preparing to take us in Him. It’s here in the storm that we learn how to get strong. How to become patient. How to love ourselves. How to love God. How to love others. How to praise God. You follow me? That way when the next storm comes we will be better prepared. I heard once that we can guarantee to be in three stages in our lifetime: 1) You are getting ready to be in a storm; 2) You are in a storm; and 3) You are out of the storm. The question then becomes which stage are you in? If you are not in a storm have built yourself up with Word of God to be ready for the storm of life? If in the storm do you remember that greater is He that is within you then he that is in the world (1 John 4:4), or have you folded under the pressures of life? If you have just come out of the storm are you still praising God or have you forgotten what He has done for you already? To me it’s all about how you handle each stage of life that you are in that will determine if God is going to move you up. We are able to delay our blessings when we constantly try to do things our own way. What will take for us to learn to let go and let God? How much further could you be in your life if you had just allowed God to work things out for you right then and there?

But no matter what part of the storm you are in don’t lose the faith. I am grateful for my current situation because it has opened my eyes to see that I need to get my walk better with God. That way I will be a much better person for the Kingdom.

Therefore my charge to you is to praise God no matter what. His word tells that we should have continuous praise in our mouth (Psalms 34:1)! That means we ought to praise Him through the good, the not so good, and the bad. He has been too awesome to give Him anything less.

Be Blessed =)

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