Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

If you have been blessed to crossover into this new year and this new decade, then you ARE truly blessed! There are many who didn't make it to see this wonderful new year, and there many others who wish that could really enjoy the new year.

With a new year comes new goals (or the same goals that did not get accomplished). However, may I suggest that you don't get caught up in the goals you did not complete from last year, but instead focus on what God has right in front you. As long as you are breathing and are fully functional, you CAN complete your goals. Everyday that God gives us is another opportunity for us to please Him and do His will. Just stay encouraged! You can do it!

Go write that book! Go on American Idol! Go learn to salsa! Increase your prayer life!

Just do it!

Happy New Year to You!

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